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 Posted: Wed Nov 25th, 2009 09:41 pm
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19bama46 wrote: Blue,

thanks for coming back to the topic.

If King George had read the DoI and asked himself the same questions and come to the conclusions that the colonists were "full of it" and that they had not proven any of their contentions and accusations, would it have made one whit of difference to the signers? I suspect it would not have because the signers of the DOI had fixed in their own minds the reasons for declaring independence ( seceeding from the crown?)

In the same way, the folks in the seceeding states, rightly or worongly (opinions vary!) had decided in their own minds that the bond was broken and they had the same rights of declaring their independence from Washington as their grandfathers had in declaring thier independence from London.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!




And history is left for the late-comers! :)

This is the only tool by which we can view and judge the actions of those who seceded and for what reasons and if those reasons were justified.

Now, you have brought up the Declaration of Independence as an example in some manner as a reason for justification of Southern secession in 1861.

The delegates to the Congress felt they had to lay out the reasons for their wanting independence from England.  They did so.  If we are going to use this document as a guage for Southern secession, I say let's do so and compare, complaint by complaint, and see if the South measures up in justification with the original.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder goes only so far.

What rights were being denied the South?  In what way was its representation being restricted in the government?  What unfair taxes were being levied?  What State governments were overturned and replaced by the federal government?  What laws were enacted that were totally against the South?

When comparing the two rebellions and their causes against the DOI, how do they measure up?

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