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 Posted: Thu Nov 26th, 2009 12:22 am
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Don't apologize for your English, Marmaduke. We've seen a lot worse from many.

It remains that a president-elect is free to organize his staff and signal his intentions and get ready for assuming power. But he has no actual power until he takes the oath of office at his inauguration. Lincoln certainly did some behind-the-scenes manipulations and negotiations while waiting for his turn. We just don't have as much publicity on his as we do on the latest president-elect.

There is a recent book, "Lincoln, President Elect" by Harold Holzer which examines what Lincoln did as president elect. Haven't read it yet, but it is an area of history that promises to fill in some blanks. Holzer is one of the most respected Lincoln historians. I'll look forward to some feed back from those who have read it.


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