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 Posted: Thu Nov 26th, 2009 06:07 am
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javal1 wrote: Marmaduke,

The President-Elect can not do anythong officially with Congress. The Constitution gives him no such power. The most he can do is have individual meetings with Congressmen and Senators arranged by his transition team. That's really all he can do until he takes office.

I am asking about that, and also his duty to call them

If he is president elect, and it takes time for congress officers to get there, then as president elect calling them, would they have to be there when he becomes president? Or would he have to wait until he his president before calling them, and only then they would have to start travelling there?

Also, does he have a duty to call them? Or can he just let them stay on holiday, and then use their powers because they are not there?

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