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 Posted: Thu Nov 26th, 2009 02:35 pm
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I am from Denmark, we have a monarch chief executive, and have not had civil war for almost 500 years. We now have democratic bicameral legislature similar to America, but I do not know how it work with a democratic chief executive. In the American Civil War, people started to dissent in response to the choice of new president. But I am not asking about meeting with the legislature before his coronation: I am only asking about giving them notice in advance of it so that they will be there when he first take office.
I ask if he can do this, and if it is required when there is emergency like it stated in the American Constitution. There is time period between election and coronation, so I ask what is the process for when emergency happens between these two events, and the previous president does not want to call the congress, but elected president does. Must he give advance notice to the congress, or can he simply inform them whenever he want: even not at all?

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