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 Posted: Mon Oct 2nd, 2006 09:11 pm
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Had to contact a fellow texan.  I'm the first generation not to be born in Texas since the earyly 1800's.  Grew up in north Louisiana.  Dad, twin brother, brother in law, cousin went to A & M (corp).  Grew up going to A & M games.  Wanted to go to Sing Sing on the Brazos but my dad would'nt let me unless in the corp so went to Jerusalem on the Brazos (BU).  Moved up here (eastern shore of MD) from Shreveport about 5 years ago.  Really enjoy it, close to Va/Md/Pa battlefields.  Retired about 2 years ago from the practice of med. (neonatology).  Currently doing a great deal of geneology/civil war research (up to 50 ancestors who served in the cw).  Hoping to take the gettysburg guide test in Dec 07 if they offer it.  Also interested in cw medicine and a member of the C. W. Medicine Museum/Society in Frederick, Md (near Antietam).  Just came across this discussion board.  Have found some interesting and some comical replies.  I'm not a "lost causer" by any means.  Shelby Footes comments during a C-Span interview several years ago pretty much sums it up as to how I feel about the cw.

The Civil War, there's a great compromise, as it's called. It consists of Southerners admitting freely that it's probably best that the Union wasn't divided, and the North admits rather freely that the South fought bravely for a cause in which it believed. That is a great compromise and we live with that and that works for us. We are now able to look at the war with some coolness, which we couldn't do before now, and, incidentally, I very much doubt whether a history such as mine could have been written much before 100 years had elapsed. It took all that time for things to cool down.

Would like to hear from other individuals with similar interests in the cw.




Michael J. Cone, M.D.


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