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 Posted: Fri Nov 27th, 2009 11:25 pm
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Lincoln had hoped that he could defuse the situation diplomatically. (Detzer, "Dissonance")

Although it seems logical that he ought to have asked Congress to stay on, there were some complications with that. First, asking Congress to stay on would certainly not have gone over well with the secesh -- especially considering that Lincoln did not want to appear at all threatening. Second, there were the expired terms of many of the Congressmen. Could he, by simple declaration, extend their terms? For how long?

"But you also do not sit and watching the fire build for months without telling the fire department until it serves your purpose, as Lincoln did. Some civil war readers say that this gaves the suspicious indication of ambition."

Why not? The sitting administration and Congress watched the fire build for four years and did nothing. Lincoln, with no power at all could have solved the problem in four months?

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