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 Posted: Sat Nov 28th, 2009 07:37 am
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Marmaduke wrote: But you also do not sit and watching the fire build for months without telling the fire department until it serves your purpose, as Lincoln did. Some civil war readers say that this gaves the suspicious indication of ambition.


When did the house catch on fire?

In order to deal with the fire, did the fire department have to be called right away?

But more to the point, was Lincoln supposed to call the fire department when it was NOT his house and already had others living in the house who could have called the fire department on their own?

I am talking about when Lincoln was the President-elect and President Buchanan was the resident in charge before he was sworn in.  I am rather amazed at how Buchanan's lack of action gets no attention, while Lincoln has to run like crazy to keep things together when he takes office.

Now, if you have switched from the President-elect mode and are now talking about Lincoln being sworn in as President in March, but not calling Congress back into session until July, we are in new territory.

What laws did Lincoln break by not calling Congress back for an emergency session?  What did the Congress charge him with by not doing so?  What new powers did he assume by doing such and what ambitions were attained by not asking Congress into emergency, early session?



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