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 Posted: Sun Nov 29th, 2009 03:39 am
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19bama46 wrote: ole wrote: Now lets don't intertwine the war with the secession. They are two seperate events in my mind... but for the states to just walk out...

I'll be very interested to read your take on how the two can be unmeshed.


One was not certain to follow the other....

It COULD have ended peacefully!


It COULD have ended peacefully if the South had only followed your above analogy.

It should have tried divorce in front of a judge by peaceful means first and then resorted to revolution only if all other attempts had failed.

Unlike the Revolution of 1776, the South offered no "Olive Branch" petition to the North, no attempt at redress through the political or legal process.

And I believe no attempt was tried because in their hearts and minds, the leaders of secession knew they had no moral, political, or legal ground to justify their attempt at rebellion.

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