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 Posted: Sun Nov 29th, 2009 06:06 pm
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  We're really deep into the hypotheticals now. Its hard to imagine those in South Carolina tolerating the federal presence at Ft. Sumter for an extended period of time.

  I believe that even if such a presence was tolerated, another incident in another place would have triggered hostilities. In my view, Mr. Lincoln would never have recognized the separation and needed an attack against federal property in order to justify raising an army. So, I can't envision an extended peace from either direction.

  As for the additional states, in such a most unlikely scenario we can only speculate on who might have seceded and when. Some states that didn't eventually secede might have done so in time (such as MD). We can't know.

  I believe that those who seceded thought that they were presented with the same kind of choice that the colonists had in 1776- which was to submit to the Crown or fight. They saw Mr. Lincoln as saying: "First submit to federal authority, and then we'll discuss your grievances." They felt that they had the right to leave, and they did.

  Since the Constitution does not mention secession, the question of whether or not they had that right will be argued ad infinitum.

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