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 Posted: Mon Nov 30th, 2009 02:37 am
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19bama46 wrote: No Blue, the idea of a judge and a court of law is putting  a 21st century spin on things... she just walks out... lets pretend they not married, just voluntairly had come together to live. when it was over, she walked!Ed, the idea of a judge and court are also a 19th century spin on things.  And to be honest, we are not talking as anything as simple as two people walking out on one another, are we?
Now lets don't intertwine the war with the secession. They are two seperate events in my mind... but for the states to just walk out...
Sorry, Ed, but I can't buy into that.  Secession and the war are all part of the same fuse that led to war.  The spark is slavery, the fuse is secession, which led to the war.  They are all intertwined, for without one of them missing from the equation/fuse, no war.  IMO.
Blue, I am sorry, but we just have to agree to disagree on this issue.. they were seperate up until the firing on Sumpter... No Sumpter, no war..


By the way, TD has done a much better job of explaining what I was trying to get at. Thanks TD
Ed, I understand and have no problem with the idea that we have two different points-of-view on the topic.


As for TDs post, I hope you read and enjoyed our exchange as much as I did.  I look forward to more from him.

Thanks again for your time and input.



Belief does not make truth. Evidence makes truth. And belief does not make evidence.
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