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 Posted: Tue Oct 3rd, 2006 03:33 pm
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Doc C:

Welcome aboard, I believe Shreveport has been unofficially annexed by Texas with the gambling and racetrack, so in my book you are a full fledged Texan.  I'm familiar with Shreveport because I was stationed there for six years during my active duty days flying B-52s out of Barksdale.  My dad was an Aggie, I was an Aggie and now my son is an Aggie.  We were all in the Maroon (B-Battery) Band.  In fact we got great news last week when my son was selected for the (Sul) Ross Volunteers (just hope he is not escorting Kinky in January). 

There used to be a pretty good medical museum in Pensacola (collection of a local doctor), I think he actually had more artifacts than the Frederick Museum has on display.  But he had flooding from one of the 2004 hurricanies and I'm not too sure whether he ever reopened or not.

Speaking of hurricanes and New Orleans, our roundtable speaker last month, Don Frazier, who is currently writing a book on Texas troops in Louisiana says Katrina wasn't Bush's fault it was N.P. Banks.  Due to his numerous trips up the Red River he would always bring back slaves as contraband and the only land available to house them was the land below sea level that became the Fifth Ward.  All the white folks already occupied all the "high ground"  so there was nowhere else to put them.  Basically these freed slaves were taken to the Fifth Ward and many never left.

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