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 Posted: Tue Dec 1st, 2009 05:53 am
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19bama46 wrote: If I may, since I started this.. let me say it has been a distinct pleasure discussing points of interest instead of arguing points of interest...19bama46, I agree wholeheartedly.  It has been a real joy to exchange points-of-view in a spirit of friendly debate.  I appreciate it very much.Blue, the essential points I have been trying to express is put rahter well by TD... it is not enough for us to question whether or not they had sufficient cause to seceed, it is that THEY believed they did...I agree that THEY believed they did.  I just believe THEY were wrong and that because of that belief, based on what I have read and researched for myself, it is sufficient cause for us to ask if they had good reason to help plunge this nation into a war lasting four, bloody, terrible years.  In fact, I feel it is imparitive for us to do so if we are to truly learn anything from history.finally, Ole, given the political realities of the day, I doubt a single popular election was held on the issue of secession... that was decided in legislatures, and mosp probably by a half dozen or so "movers and shakers"... you know kinda like here in Springfield an dChicago!

The book, Apostles of Disunion, is a good read on that topic.

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Belief does not make truth. Evidence makes truth. And belief does not make evidence.
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