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 Posted: Thu Dec 3rd, 2009 11:08 pm
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Somehow we ended up with 3 birds for Thanksgiving and I didn't have to cook any of them! Mom did the traditional oven cooked and my husband deep fried one that was covered in molasses/honey and then smoked a brined one on the grill with mesquite chips. The fried one was the most tender but the smoked one had the best flavor and amazing gravy drippings to go with it.

Last year a friend invited us over to "harvest" our own turkey he had raised. Let's just say I'm a whimp and not the hunting type. I almost passed out actually. It was a lot of work cleaning that bird and getting it ready for the oven. It made me appreciate those from past and present that do it all the time. It was good for my kids to see that things don't just appear on the grocery shelf...they gotta start somewhere!!

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