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 Posted: Fri Dec 4th, 2009 09:53 pm
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Yep, the Lebanon bologna with cream cheese rolls are always one of my mom's appetizers at Christmas.

Tim, if you think Oscar Mayer when you think bologna, then you're not thinking Lebanon bologna. Joe's info was correct, and so was his opinion: Lebanon bologna actually has a taste to it!

For me, it was a spate of Lebanon bologna and mustard on white (Wonder) bread sandwiches for my lunch at school when I was a kid. I think my mom was all for it because Lebanon bologna was cheaper than ham. This was the same time I developed a taste for chipped dried beef, straight, not in dried beef gravy or anything like that. I still sometimes splurge (oh, the massive amounts of salt!!) on a quarter pound for myself, and still eat it straight.

Steamers, Tim, are what we around Philly call steamed clams, cherrystones, the little sweet ones. Used to be a bar at college where you could get a dozen steamers and a beer for a buck on Thursday nights.

As for the goose, I think I'll pass on it.


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