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 Posted: Tue Dec 8th, 2009 12:51 am
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Anyone who wonders why the South lost the Civil War - quit wondering. Desertions. Over 2/3 of their soldiers deserted.

This is the open secret of the Civil War -- one that Confederate apologist hate to admit. They also hate to admit Jefferson Davis ran away in a dress - but the desertions were more important.

Davis said in January of 1865 that 2/3 of the soldiers were awol. Lee the last days of the war said his army was "evaporating" -- meaning he could hardly find anyone to command. Since his own profoundly stupid moves at Gettysburg, and Hood's lunacy that lead to more slaughter for the Confederate troops, the soldiers were sick of the stupidity and egos of the "leaders".

Johnston and Beauregard met with Davis and bluntly told him the most of the men had left -- and taken the horses and wagons with them. Those that remained simply refused to fight. There was no army to command. There were some men standing around -- those that couldnt walk, those that didnt have a horse or wagon to run away on.

Davis was in denial and just didn't get it -- Beauregard had to tell him like a Dutch uncle -- the soldiers wont fight. Most deserted. It's over.

Davis promptly left --dressed as a woman, and tried to get away. When captured, his wife protected him. Easily the biggest coward of the war was Jefferson Davis.

This idea that the South never had a chance is nonsense. They had more soldiers and weapons to start the war. They would have had three times as many soldiers if desertions were not a problem. And if they had freed the slaves to fight for them -- they would have had 5 times as many soldiers and recognition from England and France.

In other words -- stupidity and cowardice is why the South lost. Lincolnn outsmarted the slave rapers, is what it boiled down to.

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