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 Posted: Tue Dec 8th, 2009 03:39 pm
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Not having a single idea of what you speak does not necessarily keep you from having an opinion, does it?

You entire post is one of untruth, misinformation, propaganda and what is generally referred to as BS.
Desertion was a problem on both sides of the issue, especially as the war dragged on and families had to be taken care of. Some men boogied, others left and came back weh the "crops were in". Your statements sully the memories of brave men and are uncalled for.

Your assertion that Davis ran away in a dress is a piece of propaganda from a drawing on a post card, or maybe a newspaper that depicted him in that fashion... a drawing, not a photograph. The fact is that when surprised by gen Wilson's troops, Mr and Mrs Davis in their efforts to get away did indeed grab each other's outter garments. Nothing more.

If you are going to make absurd statemnts, you best be prepared for the firestorm that follows


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