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 Posted: Fri Dec 11th, 2009 02:05 am
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Mark wrote: You know, the funny thing is that we are rather passionately debating the exact same things that were being debated in 1860-61, viz. is secession legal under the Constitution? Southern legislatures made the same Constitutional arguments that bama and TD are, and Lincoln made the same ones that Unionblue is. I confess that I can see both sides of the argument and think that perhaps the only way that the question could have been answered completely was a war and 600,000 lives.


the issue of the relationship between the states and the feds is one that is being debated/tested today. Several states are seeking to nullify federal edict relative to the 2nd ammendment, specifically to nullify federal law as it relates to firearms and ammunition manufactured and used within the confines of a single state. Additionally, Vermont, Texas and other states are talking about secession over the issues of federal intrusion and exorbitant taxes, immigration,

Where are these issues going and how will they affect those people woh call themselves Americans?

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