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 Posted: Fri Dec 11th, 2009 02:35 am
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gettysburgerrn wrote: If people are going to kill longstreet...bear in mind that the delayed start of the attack allowed Sickles to make his blunder. Otherwise The ANV would have hit a solidly and better positioned federal army. Therefore the delayed attack actually increased the chances of success...

I know this thread has been dormant for over a year, but I tend to agree with this theory. If Sickles had held his position as ordered It would have been even tougher on the Southern troops.

Since my Great Grandfather was with Gen. Wofford and the 24th Ga, and my grandfather wasnt born until 1880,  I may very well owe my existence to Gen Sickles decision that day.;)

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We sleep here in obedience to law; When duty called, we came, When country called, we died. Inscription on Georgia Battlefield Monuments
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