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 Posted: Fri Dec 11th, 2009 07:49 am
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19bama46 wrote: And that brings us to the issue of "State's Rights"

there are some who would say that State's Rights are an eupheunasm for slavery/segregation/Jim Crow, etc, etc and that it is all a southern conspiracy to keep black folk down. At one time there was an element of truth in that as State's Rights was used as an argument for continuing all these evils, but the larger issue is " What is the proper relationship between the states and the Federal Government?"

The "Sovereign States" and all that implies, came together, voluntairly, and formed a national, central government. They all ponied up some power for the pot, but not all of it..

The feds declare war, coin money, move the mail, provide for the common defense, etc..

What about the power (Rights) the states did NOT pony up?


who wants to discuss this one?




Please continue.



Belief does not make truth. Evidence makes truth. And belief does not make evidence.
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