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 Posted: Fri Dec 11th, 2009 11:38 pm
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As ordnance guru of the 9th PA Reserves, Co. A, I have been directed by the Company Commander to check the web to see if anyone has good information concerning the relative safety and reliability of CCI rifle caps, Dynamite-Nobel winged and wingless caps and any other that are generally available on the market.  In the past, we used Navy Arms caps and had few problems, but, as you know, they are no longer being manufactured and we are looking for a substitute that is safe and reliable.  We are leaning toward the CCI caps, but the wingless D-N caps are less expensive.  We have little practical experience with the wingless caps and the CO is not willing to permit their use at all unless he can get some reliable documentation on their safety.  He feels they may have a problem with sticking on the nipple and wants to see if someone has any experience with this problem  If you can help us out, please post your answer here or contact me at  Thank you in advance for your help.

R. Fark, 9th PA Reserves, Co. A, Ordnance

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