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 Posted: Tue Dec 15th, 2009 10:59 pm
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One of my professors once made the excellent point to not necessarily assume that the grandiose, self-righteous documents that get written to justify acts are necessarily the reasons those actions were taken.  Food for thought. :)

An excellent work regarding secession, that I would encourage everyone to read, is Charles Dew's Apostles of Disunion.  He tells the story of the secession commissioners, the men sent out by South Carolina, Alabama, etc., to sell secession to their fellow Southerners.  He uses their speeches, diaries, and letters, the men's own words, as his primary material.  The commisioners weren't espousing constitutional rights and principles when they were talking to Southern legislatures or other groups.  Rather, they were preaching that Republicans were going to free Southern slaves, encourage them to murder their masters, and rape the helpless wives and daughters of the South.  Southerners then had no choice but to leave the Union, if only to protect themselves.


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