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 Posted: Tue Jan 5th, 2010 12:15 am
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Hi y'all. My name is ben, and I am a 16 year old reenactor from South Carolina (though I was born in New York, and lived in Mississippi my official home for most of my life). I absolutely love the American Civil War. Not the war itself, as that is gorey and painful, but the history of it. I love to be a Confederate soldier for a weekend, and almost imagine myself living in the Victorian Times on reenactment weekends. If that makes me wierd, I suppose that makes me wierd. I believe in the true cause of the Confederacy, which in my opinion was that of the poor farmers in both armies (not fighting for slavery or rich landowners). I believe that slavery was a horrible issue, but that most Southerners fought for their homes, not the institution. In that light, I thoroughly feel safe portraying a rebel, and a Northern soldier on occasion in these events. I write civil war short stories, and by God's grace, will one day hopefully publish some Civil War literature. I plan to major in archaeology and American history in college.

A battle fought hard by God's guidance is a victory won easily.
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