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 Posted: Sun Jan 10th, 2010 02:49 am
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I just finished Slotkin's No Quarter which, other than needing additional maps, was a good treatise on The Crater. Have several ancestors who served in a couple of artillery batteries of the IX Corps and in several regiments of the 4th Division IX Corps. I have several comments:
1 - I realize that there were white nco's and officers in the various USCT regiments, but my ancestor listed in the 39th USCT Regiment was a private. Did these USCT regiments have white privates? I found another ancestor listed in another USCT regiment, unrelated to The Crater, who also was a private. Does anyone have any information regarding this?
2 - I knew that during this engagement there was a great deal of retaliation against the colored troops by the counterattacking confederates and there was also a great deal of animosity of the white troops in non-colored units but was unaware that during this battle union troops actually attacked their colored troops, perhaps related to the fact that if somehow related to the colored troops they would be shown no quarter or have retributions against them.

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