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 Posted: Wed Jan 13th, 2010 04:24 am
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Hank C has the crux of the problem quite well in hand.

The problem w/ the account by Steiner is that NO ONE corroborates it. No CS officer or enlisted man, no US soldier or officer, no gravediggers (mostly black who would largely later end up in the USCT) mention them, no newspaper accounts come anywhere near mentioning them. Frankly, IMO Steiner had the same agenda as Douglas in inventing 3000 black men under arms in Jacksons command. In Jacksons command, a lot of people would have noted 3000 armed black men in the ranks. That there is no other mention of them is quite telling, quite telling indeed.

If there were 3000 black men in Jacksons command surely someone other than Steiner would have noted it, certainly the Iron Brigade boys would have noticed and you would thin the men of the Stonewall Brigade would have noticed 3000 black men in their Division; they didn't. No CS newspaper makes mention of them, neither does any US one. It cannot be verified and any historian of any repute will refuse to include a source unless it can be verified; Steiner cannot.

My own number stands at 14-1500 and I will give credence to the 13k number sometimes given as I've seen the methodology that came up w/ that number and find it reasonable even if I believe it far too high.

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