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swampfox16 wrote: There certainly were not hundreds and hundreds of thousands of black confederates, but reason would have it that there were a great deal of them. Conservative and liberal estimates of their number are likely biased. According to an SCV Camp site ".. A Union sanitary commission officer saw 3,000 black armed combatants in the Confederate Army moving through Fredricksburg, Va., in 1862."

The Steiner account of 3,000 black Confederates in an army of 64,000 is fairly consistent with other Confederate records.

In Hollandsworth's study of Confederate pensioners of Mississippi he found 1,739 blacks out of a total of 36,000.

In the Official Records there is a report of a Confederate division that had 483 servants and attendants among a total of 11,237 men.

Comparing the three-

Steiner..................3,000 / 64,000.....4.7%

MS Pensions..........1,739 / 36,000.....4.8%

OR report.................483 / 11,237.....4.3%

These numbers give support to the claim of 50,000 (or more) blacks in the Confederate army.

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