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 Posted: Thu Oct 5th, 2006 01:27 pm
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Here's a quote from the story we posted this morning (Thurs.):

But a city spokeswoman later claimed the mayor was misunderstood and that he only wanted to keep the flag from being displayed on a flagpole in the middle of the city square.

My take on this would be to allow the Mayor to execute a tactical retreat. He obviously sees that his initial stand alienated far too many and, like politicians will do, is now "re-stating" his position. He should be allowed to. As I said before, though I disagreed with him on this issue, he's the best preservationists will get in Franklin.

The flag shouldn't be flown on the center city memorial. As a matter of fact, the ceremony shouldn't even be held there. It should be held on the land that preservationists worked so long and hard to get - the eastern flank of the battle, which used to be a golf course and was bought as a Civil War park. Move it there and there should be no reason to have any restrictions on the Confederate flag. And as for the SCV being "offended", they bear a large responsibility for making the flag the tinderbox issue it is. Maybe they should just go fix-up some monuments and let others discuss this one rationally. Just my opinion of course...

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