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 Posted: Wed Jan 27th, 2010 04:52 pm
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There are no dumb questions, Mark.

Hang around the CW boards for a while and "black confederates" will show up. Again and again and again.

My take: Of nearly a million military-able slaves and freedmen (SWAG) in 1860, there just would have to be some musket-toting black soldiers. I take that as a given. And I'm one of those who doesn't count civilian workers, slave or free, as a soldier. I go along with the idea of enlisted, ranked, paid, et alii, are requirements.

Officially, there were none. Practically speaking, were you a regimental commander, you'd welcome a recruit of any color. Can he march, follow orders and shoot? OK. You're a soldier.

But there are dumb answers.


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