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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 03:21 am
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I just spent some time on an AFB, gate guards were not SP's or even active duty military but civilian contractors. They are not considered soldiers by the US Military.

Black men along for the ride with their master... unpaid by the CS, not considered soldiers by the CS. Not equipped, armed or in any way officially supplied by the CS... the CS clearly did not consider a black man capable of being a soldier, judging by the treatment of black men in general I'm not altogether sure they considered a black man a man at all.

There is evidence that men like Cleburne and select other officers in the CS disagreed becuase of experiance and intellect. They were not enough to sway the CS congress until the CS was all but gone. A last minute gasp. At best a half hearted one that was far too little & far too late for anyone serious to view as much more than desperation. In short the CS officially raised 2-3 companies of black men; 2-300 officially compared to approx 750,000. Did more serve unofficially? Absolutely, but in insignificant numbers by any statistical formula.

There are those who do everything in their power to inflate the numbers of black men serving in the ranks of the CS in an effort to show a benevolant CS where the balck man was content in his slavery and second hand... no almost a subhuman status in society. One where racial equality was a reality. Pure posh to anyone who has seriously studied the era or the men who served. One where you have to be willing to totally ignore the words of the men who were actually there, one where a fiction is needed.

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