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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 01:42 pm
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TD I agree w/ much of what you've said. You'll never see me say there were no black men serving the CS in a combat role, as there were. frankly the non combat role of the black man in the CS was significant, in many ways more significant than that of the white man.

I grow irritated at the frequent inflation. Hell, I've seen absolutely ridiculous numbers of 250,000 spouted s gospel the oft quoted number of 65,000 has no bassis in fact. Counting the same men repeatedly and other obvious attempts to inflate numbers. The attempts to claim "integration" and implication that the black man was content to be a slave etc by some are ridiculous.

Why is it important to me? Why does it matter? I don't like to watch history become distorted and gleeful inflation of numbers does that. I've been on the net since the early 90's watching the ACW subject w/ interest. The "Black Confederate" subject is I think the most prolifically distorted subject. In no other subject is such a total lack of evidence ignored to put forward a hypothesis. If the blackman served in large numbers... well then obviously the ACW had nothing to do w/ slavery. Or as an extension the black man was happy in his lot and even willing to fight to preserve his status as a slave.

When I see a falsehood I try to correct it, and on the net today there are a LOT of falsehoods on this subject as well as many others. Made up quotes, out of context quotes coached and cut n pasted in such a way as to change the meaning of the original text etc. I'm willing to trust much but i also have learned to verify.

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