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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 02:23 pm
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  History is always told from a point of view. There will always be those who distort reality, either on purpose or through ignorance.

  Sadly, you can't correct every inaccuracy thats out there. Those who can be educated might learn of their errors after further study. But many others never will or don't care.

  What offends me most these days is the high number of military posers who claim to have been war heroes. They do it to try to impress people, to inflate their own egos or resumes, or even to try to collect benefits from the government. Many never served in any capacity in the military, and thousands of liars have already been exposed. But they keep on coming, and I expect that it will always be so.

  As I stated previously, black Confederate soldiers served for many reasons because at the time they were swept up into the thing or thought it was to their advantage to do so. Those who see that fact as being evidence of their: "Slavish" allegiance to the Confederacy and its ideals are simply wrong in their hypothesis.

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