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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2010 08:42 pm
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The motivations of the primary purveyors of ‘black confederates’, no matter the number, usually boil down to enhancing the ‘purity’ of the southern cause.


I do not think anyone here is among that group - we've merely picked it up from others as an interesting topic worth discussion.


My view, is that in their view this demonstrates the confederate cause is based more on constitutional  and states’ rights issues and less on slavery. By allowing blacks to serve, the slavery issue is deflated and other issues enhanced…


Through history, it is interesting that 3rd party, always white (typically the SCV and UDC) , groups are the main, almost desperate,  champions of black confederates. These include backers of the ‘faithful slave, ‘black mammy’ and the ‘Hayward Shepard’ monuments that tend to memorialize the white view of the slavery issue…




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