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 Posted: Fri Feb 12th, 2010 05:08 am
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Ewell's men could hear the Federals digging in on culp's hill on july 1st. If he would have attacked he may have taken the hill. Instead he suffered crippling casualties on july 2nd and 3rd. culps hill was a vital position for the federals if it was taken the entire federal line would have been unobtainable. Jackson had the flair and the aggressive mind to take that hill. and yes lee was a mastermind, but would he have achieved the fame he had without his "foot calvary"? who else could have held a position like he did during 2nd Manassas? Lee did not achieve as much after jackson's death then he did before, but Lee was the only one that could have held the army of northern virginia together during the last year of the war.

Anyway i appreciate the reply, it is so hard to find someone to talk civil war with me, much thanks.

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