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 Posted: Fri Feb 12th, 2010 06:39 am
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i think the south lost because of the apparent reasons. for one the union naval blockade, two being so out numbered and three because of slavery. the union naval blocade prevented the south from getting need supplies and exporting goods which would have increased the value of the confederate dollar, Being so outnumbered the south couldnt defend vital points like Vicksburg and Mobile. Slavery was the souths number one problem. While the North had only one enemy to defend against the south had two. Once the slaves began being freed the threat of slave uprising increased.

Believe you give too much credit to the blockade. Much of what the CSA survived on came on blockade runners. Unfortunately, and here some credit is due, there wasn't enough. As the blockade tightened, less and less got through, which was apparent in the diminishing supplies later in the war.

And, being outnumbered simplifies. Not only could the Union field larger armies with a smaller percentage of it's military-age population, but it could feed and equip itself. Kinda makes one wonder what they were thinking, doesn't it?

Don't think I've heard the one about freed slaves causing an increased threat of slave uprising. Would you elaborate on that?


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