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 Posted: Fri Feb 12th, 2010 04:32 pm
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I have an interest in civil war bits,saddles etc.A couple of weeks ago,a local "junk guy" approached me saying he had some old tack he wanted to show me.I followed him to his van.The van was loaded with old,old tack.Saddle trees,a a bunch of old morgan saddles,bits galore,rings,buckles,old stiff bridles,spurs,rosettes,chains,mclellan saddles,mcclellan saddle trees,brass sheilds marked cs,a couple of canvas saddles marked columbas ga arsenal,single strapped saddle bags,2 of the saddle trees had a cs sheild on the back,saw a couple of valise's,and a jennifer saddle--I bought it all---he said he bought the stuff from a guy who bought it from a guy who said it laid in an old confederate calvary stable for may years,the stable was close to new market va,a guy bought it it in the 70's and piled it in his barn close to Beckley WVa where it laid for several years,until someone else boughtit and so on.Junk Man Jimmy bought it from and elderly woman who lived outside of Hunington WVa--She has just bought the place and wanted the barn cleaned out.Jimmy's cousin lived close by and contacted him about getting all the stuff out of the barn.I was just wondering for the sake of history if there was indeed a calvary stable in New Market,and if possible a photo of it...

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