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 Posted: Sat Feb 13th, 2010 02:03 am
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I agree Pam. The terrain of east cemetery hill and both culp hills is markedly different from that of cemetery ridge (I too have walked these areas). Got to be a mountain goat for culps. As I mentioned in another post the culps area had limited battery positions. CSA, yes Ewell did have a corp but only Johnson's division was fresh. Early's division was scattered through the town and I don't think Rode's division was in any shape to continue that night other than possibly Gordon's. In addition, don't forget about Slocum's Xll corps just south of the culp's hill area. Since we're on what if's, what if Ewell's corps did attack culps hill wouldn't it be susceptible to a flank attack by Slocum's corp.

Doc C

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