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 Posted: Sun Feb 14th, 2010 12:52 am
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Well, Meade did know that an infantry attack would follow the artillery barrage; that the artillery was used to "soften up" the Union lines was something Brigadier General Henry Hunt knew well enough to decide to restrict his artillery fire in return, starting a good 15 minutes into the Confederate barrage. It was Meade's determination to stay where he was, and wait for the infantry attack.

I'm not sure how quickly Meade would have been able to get reinforcements up to his center, and I'm not sure he thought he needed to. There were more than a few Federal units in reserve that jumped into the attack when needed, beginning with the 19th Massachusetts and the 42nd New York, who came through the Copse of Trees and pushed back some skirmishers; Hancock then rallied these units when the line at the wall wavered. But there were also the 59th New York, 7th Michigan, 20th Massachusetts, all of which joined the 69th PA at the wall as the Confederates pushed through, as well as the 14th and 16th Vermont, who caused the 2nd Florida to surrender almost to a man.

Was Meade thinking he'd need more, or was he convinced his center would hold? In the end, there were enough Federal reinforcements there to make the Confederates who did break the Union line unable to hold their ground.


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