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 Posted: Sun Oct 8th, 2006 03:12 am
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Johnny Huma
Johnny Huma

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The KKK is one of the worst organizations in this country and it is unbelievable that they would let an outfit like this even walk on the Battlefields of Gettysburg..These guys love to use the Rebel Battle Flag as a symbol of terror and that urks me to no end. Ask them about the History of the War and I am sure they are as dumb as they come about it. Yet they use a flag that Americans died under fighting for what they believed in..I read in newspapers that reenactors are sometimes asked not to carry that flag because it upsets a lot of people..Why...Because the Klan uses it ? That just makes them all the more powerful knowing that they have destroyed some of our country's legacy's...Why then do we let them..This flag should not offend Afro Americans...It does because they see it as a slavery issue and they see it carried by the KKK...Lets look at the real facts...Afro Americans were slaves under the American Flag long before they were slaves under the Rebel Battle Flag...This flag is part of our History and if we bury this flag and stand in fear of it then we bury our Country's History with it..Dont let the KKK win here. And I for one have written to the NPS and ask them to never ever let the KKK walk on the Hallowed Ground where so many brave men gave their lives..North and South and I urge you all to do the same...



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