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 Posted: Sun Feb 14th, 2010 05:36 pm
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the stars and bars were replaced with the battleflag and that is what most people associate with the confederacy.

The CBF did not "replace" any of the national flags. It was mostly used as a guidon to mark the flanks of a regiment, and then not as often as we've come to think.


the war was not fought over slavery only 11% of the souths white population owned slaves as they were very expensive, so the majority of the common footsoldier didnot own slaves.

Unfortunately, their government did, but that's a topic covered many times in many threads on this and other boards.

those footsoldiers followed the battleflag into combat so it was under that flag that they lost their lives.

That's the romantic version of history widely held by many. Men don't fight for a flag but for what it symbolizes. The CBF has been tainted by the careless use of it by some reprehensible people, therefore it has come to symbolize something quite different to a great many people.

South Carolina has a right to fly anything it pleases, and the NAACP has every right to object and to influence other organizations to shun the state when it comes to holding conventions and tournaments in that state.

Just some thoughts.


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