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 Posted: Mon Feb 15th, 2010 02:47 pm
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barrydancer wrote: I think the Steiner account falls flat for all the reasons given by Johan and others. 3,000 men in the Maryland campaign would have been a good-sized division, yet no one else noticed that many armed black people in the Confederate ranks? Either they were so spaced out that no one noticed their true numbers, the existence of them was so ordinary as to not engender comment, or it just didn't happen. My money's on the latter choice.


The Steiner account does not describe them as being organized along lines of a brigade or division but-

"They were seen riding on horses and mules, driving wagons,
riding on caissons, in ambulances, with the staff of Generals,
and promiscuously mixed up with all the rebel horde."


I tried to find some biographical information about Steiner to see if there was any hint of an agenda.

The only thing found was an obituary. 

In it there is nothing about abolitionism or any other political activism involving blacks.  So the agenda angle seems to fall flat.

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