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 Posted: Mon Feb 15th, 2010 10:45 pm
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borderuffian wrote: javal1 wrote:

"Some of us are old enough to remember the KKK beating and lynching blacks while carrying the flag."

I've never seen this.  Are you referring to a photo or were you witness to a lynching?  Please show us some examples otherwise I count this as just another shot of disinformation on the subject.

Found an example yet?

I looked through a newspaper archive that covers the period when lynchings were a common occurence.

I did not find a single instance of a Confederate flag or flags being present at a lynching...

...but I did find several instances of people being lynched by JINGO mobs for supposed insults to the United States flag and/or country.  A man of German descent was hanged in Illinois in 1918.  He was led down the streets to his hanging while being forced to wave a US flag.  A black man in Kansas City was almost hung for alledged insults to the flag (1898).  A Russian immigrant was hung in Oklahoma in 1918 for supposed disloyalty.  "He was placed on a chair, forced to kiss every star in an American flag, and the chair was pushed from under him.  He hung for fifteen seconds before his captors cut him down at the plea of the Assistant Chief [of Police.]"  And on and on...

Do you want me to continue...or cut your losses now while I'm only 100 points ahead?

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