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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 04:10 am
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Just as it wasn't meant as a joke when someone says the US flag stood for slavery for 300 years... umm 2010-1776= 300? It flew over a slave nation only until 1865 when the EP was made fact. Being unaware of that and calling others names for their supposed stupidity... would be amusing if it weren't so sad. As some show at every opportunity it isn't about honest debate or discussion but scoring points and insulting those they disagree w/.

If the presence of the US flag elicits so much bile & hate w/in someone I have simple advice: have the intestinal fortitude to move. Cuba, or Venzuela will gladly accept them and if they feel freer under that flag then good for them. I guess I'm of that old love it or leave it crowd.

The CBF means different things to different people. I may look at it as a battle flag flown by some pretty gutsy men fighting for their lives. Other's mileage differs greatly. My grandmother in law looks at it as the symbol of the klan. Argue all you want that the flag has been hijacked by those gutless wonders but she will still point at that CBF as the symbol of the klan and their white suprecy goals. It's what she saw as a child and in 90 odd years she has seen nothing to change her mind. Frankly,I wouldn't disagree w/ her in that context.

BorderRuffian will demand proof... though knowing his track record w/ creativly edited photos(1st LA Native Gurad)I take such a demand for all that it's worth. Looking for pictures of those gutless wonders in bedsheets might be fullfilling for some; I have all the white sheets I need on my toliet paper rools already, I don't need more.

Like it or not the CBF has come to represent the cowardice of the klan and their neo nazi friends. Yes the CBF was corrupted, but I have seen no real effort by anyone to take it back.

The NAACP has every right to boycott what they want; they have their own agenda yes. But anyone but a history rewrite specialist knows full well why that flag was originally put on top of the SC statehouse... and it was kept there for thirty odd years. The NAACP apparently has no intention of letting why it was flown over the SC statehouse be forgotten or swept under the rug. I don't blame them.

My dime, take it as you will.

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