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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 04:25 am
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borderuffian wrote: Will Posey wrote: "...those who would claim that teamsters, cooks and launderers could not be soldiers need look to our modern-day army.....there, most teamsters, cooks and launderers are -first and foremost- soldiers, enrolled, trained and equipped. Even though most blacks were not officially enrolled, many did fight and many received pensions for their service. But, again, not the large numbers some would have us believe. There should be an acceptable middle ground somewhere.
Those who were enlisted in the Confederate army no matter their duties were soldiers.

If Jefferson Davis, the CS govt & the CS military did not see a black man as a soldier why am I obligated to do so?

Please tell us what you think the debate here is along with how many black men you think bore arms for the CS.

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