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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 05:39 pm
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Johan Steele
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What can you, should YOU do in regards to the hijack of the CBF by groups such as the klan and other White Supremecy organizations?

For myself, I don't view it as my issue, I get in enough hot water growling about their hijack of the US flag.  But what can a civil war aficiando do about it, what should you do about it?

Like it or not the likes of the klan will now forever be thought of with the CBF, can that be changed through the actions of those who see it as an abomination?

There have been some who have fought back, re-enacting units who expel klan & other white supremecy members from their ranks when they are discovered.  There have been living historians that have given the order "About Face" when klanners parade by thus literally turning their backs upon the organization they see as desecrating their flag.  I applaud such actions.


Or is it far too late, is the CBF forever stained by their cowardice, hate and bile?

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