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 Posted: Tue Feb 16th, 2010 05:55 pm
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Doc, I agree with you .  I have ancestors on both sides.  All fought bravely.  So far the only one that I have found that died, died in the Mexican War in Mexico before the Civil War.

The start of this whole discussion was the Southern Cross over the State House.  I am sure many don't realize the reason it was flown over the State House in South Carolina.  It was raised in the 60's as a symbol of South Carolina's refusing to accept the Civil Rights Acts and desegradation .  Had nothing to do with the Civil War . 

The flag that is now flying next to the monument is the battle flag , a square instead of the rectangular one that flew over the State House.

So what did it really mean over the State House?  Hmmmm Sure doesn't seem to be the reason stated by many in honor of their ancestors who fought . 

My ancestors went home, farmed their lands , some moved West and raised their families.  Funny my Southern Grandmother never mentioned the Civil War that I remember at all .  She was too busy raising two little girls after her husband died in the Swine Flu epidemic 1919.  She had many stories to tell about the depression and coming to California during WW2 because that is where the jobs were.  


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