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 Posted: Wed Feb 17th, 2010 05:34 pm
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borderuffian wrote: "Some of us are old enough to remember the KKK beating and lynching blacks while carrying the flag."

borderuffian wrote:
javal1 wrote: Peruse the footage from the 60's marches in Miss. and Alabama and you see beatings, etc. by those wearing Confederate regalia.

I've seen such footage and I don't recall any Confederate flags or regalia.

Are you sure you are seeing the actual footage?...or the Hollywood re-enactment?

Hollywood has been known to 'flag-up' certain events.

...and it's that sort of fictional imagery which adds to the "symbol of hate" idea.

Other's mileage would appear to vary.  I'll take Javal's memory though as I trust its accuracy.

Fictional Hollyweird, like Birth of a Nation?  No there is nothing fictional about the CBF having been corrupted by the klan and other racist/hate groups.  It takes some careful culling to make certain you don't find the CBF.


So do you want to quit when you're only 100 pts behind?  Or are you going to continue to call the owner of this board a liar?

"Now that I've told you what I've done let's hear from you. What have you done to clear the CBF from their corruption of the CBF Borderruffian?"  Or do you not believe the CBF has been corrupted?

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