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 Posted: Sun Oct 9th, 2005 04:28 am
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It's a shame about the tourism being down and I suspect the gas prices have a lot to do with it. I was at Shiloh in July(my 3rd trip, my wife's 1st) and we spent 2 full days touring the park. An excellant park with no intruding commercial developments. The new Tennessee memorial is absolutely beautiful and moving as is the Confederate memorial. The only problem I had was the heavy Northern slant presented by a couple of the interpretors there. Ate at Hagy's catfish hotel...they have a long line for a very good reason. Corinth, I'm sure, is just not well known by the general public. The interpretive center is a definite must see. The design was well thought out and ingenious with the sidewalk representing trenches and the battlefield "litter" decorating the grounds. Don't forget to take in the Civil War "timeline" artwork in the back of the center. Excellent work. A word to Stacy Allen...Please, please, please get a new film about Shiloh for your interpretive center. I'm sure the current one was good for its time...but it's 50 years old and when a re-enactor like myself sees artillery guys dressed in slacks with belt loops and a small belt...well, it just takes away from the essence of the whole thing. The content of the message is still good, however.

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