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 Posted: Sat Feb 20th, 2010 12:31 am
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People, People, People (as Chill Wills would say). This whole issue of the cbf simply boils down to 2 issues - 1) the flag of civil war and what it represents - the heroism of those who fought under it, irregardless of whether they were right or wrong, 2) the flag of brain dead hate mongers who have no idea of southern history. As I've mentioned before in a past post, I once had a lengthy discussion with one of my physician colleagues who was an afro-american originally from South Carolina. He didn't have a problem with the historical cbf but what really caused him much pain was the fact that the kkk and other hate groups had used it. Having grown up in the era of segregation in Louisiana I could see his point. I for one will never display it. The only groups I feel who should are those reenactors who do so in a historical context. This is totally my opinion for what its worth. My philosophy has always been to find things which I have in common rather than differences.

Doc C

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