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 Posted: Sat Feb 20th, 2010 02:00 am
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  A flag is only a symbol meant to represent some entity. A symbol can become: "Tarnished" in the minds of men because it comes to be associated with evildoers who adopt it. However, that does not make the symbol itself evil.

  Certainly the best example in recent history is the swastika adopted by Nazi Germany. There is no symbol more reviled nowadays by many millions, but for thousands of years it had a postive connotation in eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. At one time it was commonly associated with good luck. Because the Nazi Party adopted it, its original meaning was distorted by those viewing it since the early 20th Century.

  Similarly, the Confederate Battle Flag was a symbol that men followed into battle. It certainly had a positive connotation in the beginning as representing brave soldiers fighting for their cause. Because groups of evil people chose to carry it after the war does not make it evil, except in the minds of some. The sad part about it is that the symbol cannot be : "Rehabilitated" at present or probably any time soon. Those who are offended by it will continue to associate it with evil people who committed criminal acts, rather than the original soldiers who followed it into battle.

  Because groups such as the KKK and the German Bund carried the U.S. flag, that does not make the U.S. flag evil. No doubt many reprehensible acts were committed by those carrying the flag in many places throughout its history. But since it represents America as a whole, this symbol has not suffered the same fate as the battle flag. The vast majority of Americans are unable to view their country as a whole as being evil. This proves only that some symbols can be twisted in the minds of men more easily than others.

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