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The Battle of Plum Point Bend was near your location.

CSS General M. Jeff Thompson

Capt Isaac D. Fulkerson, CSN

Your Community is named after a riverboat that Mark Twain was on [url=[url=[url=]]]]]][/url][/url][url=[url=]]]]]][/url][/url][/url]

Mile 791.5 AHP, Map 10
Left bank, descending

Gold Dust, a small Tennessee community, bears the name of an old steamboat. The
Gold Dust was a sidewheel steamer, built in 1877 and still going strong when a famous
passenger named Mark Twain noted that she was as neat and comfortable in 1882 as
when she first entered the river trade.
Mark Twain visits Tennessee,+a+small+Tennessee+community,+bears+the+name+of+an+old+steamboat.+TheGold+Dust+was+a+sidewheel+steamer,+built+in+1877+and+still+going+strong+when+a+famouspassenger+named+Mark+Twain+noted+that+she+was+as+neat+and+comfortable+in+1882+aswhen+she+first&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Some General history....

Lauderdale County

Choctaws of West Tennessee

Report of the Chief of Engineers United States Army --- June 30 1901 Page 236

Annual reports of the War Department Part 3  ---  June 30 1911  -- Page 3222

Articles about the explosion of the steamer Gold Dust ...

The Gold Dust Victims - The New York Times - August 10 1882 Wednesday - Page 1 149 words

The Gold Dust Disaster.; Thirteen Persons Dead, Seventeen Missing, And Many Badly Injured.  The New York Times - August 8 1882 Wednesday - Page 1 1089 Words

A Terrible Disaster.: Seventeen Persons Killed By An Explosion On  The Steamer Gold Dust. The New York Times - August 7 1882 Wednesday - Page 1 485 Words


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