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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2010 12:45 pm
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If Jackson was alive after Chancellorsville, Gettysburg would never have happened, it would have been only a small engagement on the way to the Pipe Creek line that Meade originally wanted to fight at.  I agree, he would have taken Culp's Hill, but there would have been no 2nd or 3rd days at Gettysburg.  After that I don't think Lee or Jackson would have ventured to attack the Pipe Creek line because it would be a Fredricksburg in reverse. 
I think that part of the reason that Lee did not agree with Longstreet's assessment of sending troops around the flank of the Union army on the 2nd Day is that he had no one to make his troops move fast enough (i.e. Jackson and his 'foot cavalry').  Plus he had no cavalry to lead the way. 
Also, Lee could not stay in the North for an indefinite period of time based on the fact of the Union's superior rail transportation. They could have trained in men from all over and built a line all across the Potomac so that Lee could not escape and was then trapped North of the Potomac and thus end the war.  He had to bide his time for a couple months and then move to the South to allow his freedom of maneuver to not be compromised.
That being said I often wonder what would have happened to the war if Jackson had lived. 

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